Vintage Funk

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  • One of Bucks County's Best Kept Secrets

    Furniture, lighting, accessories, and more funky and eclectic finds fill this little shop, oh so different from the average antique store.

    Whether you're a vintage lover, designer or simply need something fun for your home, Vintage Funk is sure to entice and excite with our one-of-a-kind finds at one-of-a-kind prices!
  • Vintage Funk is dedicated to bringing you unique, vintage, and funky furniture, accessories, and more. Owned and operated by Tracy Miller, Vintage Funk is certainly a reflection of her eclectic style and eye for design. For years she's collected, created, and discovered an array of various items, each with their own character and charm. She shares her love of vintage and antiques with her customers, all while maintaining a funky vibe to her finds and collections.

    To truly understand what we mean, stop by the shop!

    Friday - Sunday
    12pm - 5pm